A pegasus unicorn and a black kitty cat too xo

Nandalia decided that she wanted to be a pegasus unicorn a couple months ago for Halloween. I was excited to get started and make her costume! This months flew by and with just a couple weeks before Halloween, other work, and lots of projects I did manage to finish it! It is all hand sewn with wool felt and the flowers are made from plant dyed wool felt. Nandalia is never not in character and dressed up 99% of the day so I know her wings and horn will be loved for a long time. Oh yes and Elotte Assunta is dressed up as her favorite thing in the world! This is the costume I made for Nandalia 3 years ago and you can see just how much my sewing has improved since I first started when Nandalia was this age! xo I hope you all have a Happy Halloween! 


Fairy babies

Nandalia and Eloette got to show off these amazing pixie play suits made by Moanababy. I've had a few mamas ask! To purchase your own pixie playsuit and other amazing items for mama and baby you can visit http://www.moanababy.bigcartel.com/ xoxo

Happy days.

It is already the middle of May. Most of our days are spent outside. We moved in December, so we have never seen our yard alive. It is so amazing here. Something new is blooming everyday. It is just so beautiful. Nandalia is growing too fast and never stops talking! We have so many conversations and she is asking so many questions. It is so sad and exciting all at the same time. xo

May Day

Happy May Day! These were taken earlier this week, after N's parent child class where we made her May day crown. Sadly, it is a gloomy cold and windy day today! At least we have sunny and cheery pictures to look at xo


Spring is coming

Spring is coming! Well, hopefully. Nandalia and I are impatiently waiting for the warm weather to come and stay so we can be outside all day long, One thing I love about the winter is I am able get more crafting time in!

Nandalia is going to be 2 in ten days. It doesn't seem real. How could 2 years have already gone by.

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DSC_9381 copy.jpg